Meditation For Beginners


Discover how beginners learn how to meditate like a zen monk



Best Meditation Program for Beginners


meditation for beginners


It used to take years to learn how to meditate like a zen monk, but those days are now over. These monks spend hours after hours every day to mediate, hours people in our busy modern world simply don’t have.

Thanks to modern technology, deep meditation can be achieved in a short matter of time and often in minutes. This technology is called Brainwave Entrainment or BWE, and are used to alter your brainwaves in a positive way.
The medical benefits of meditation are well known, and there are numerous studies that support this. Meditation over time show that you can expect the following results:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved blood circulation
  • lower heart rate
  • less perspiration
  • slower respiratory rate
  • less anxiety
  • lower blood cortisol levels
  • more feelings of well-being
  • less stress
  • deeper relaxation

Since meditation with the help of BWE products has become so popular over the last years, there are many progams for you to choose between. Since this is an investment in YOU, please do proper research before you invest in any of these programs. It’s tempting to go after the cheap ones, but this is not our recommendation.
Why? There are many reasons for this, just to mention a few; bad or no support, low quality of files and lack of user manuals.


What meditation program should you choose?

Profound Meditation Program 3.0 (PMP) is one of the best programs out there. It is recommended by American philosopher Ken Wilber, and this program is perfect for beginners and even meditation experts.

It comes with a comprehensive 32-page user manual with listening instructions and suggestions. There is even a Facebook Forum and weekly coaching calls. 

PMP contains nature soundtracks integrated with cutting-edge neurotechnology and biofield energy medicine to precision-tune your brain, nervous system, and subtle energetic system to deep, transformative states of meditation.

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